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Q:  I have never been treated with acupuncture or Chinese Medicine before.  What can I expect?

A:  Chinese medical diagnosis seeks to determine the deeper, underlying causes of your illness or disorder.  The diagnostic process uses skills and techniques with which you may be unfamiliar.  Careful visual inspection of the surface of the tongue and detailed reading of the wrist pulses are two examples of highly developed, diagnostic arts allowing the practitioner to understand numerous aspects of your physiological processes. The types of questions asked by the practitioner may also be unfamiliar to you. Please be assured that each question is asked and each diagnostic step is performed to help determine the best therapeutic approach for your health needs.

Q:  What should I bring with me to my first appointment?

A:  Please fill out and bring with you the Health History form.  This form takes a while to fill out, so if it is not complete, please come at least 30 minutes before your appointment time to finish it.  Also, please read over, but do not fill out the Consent Form.

Q:  Is there anything else I should do before I come?

A:  Yes, please be sure to eat something before you come.  This will help to reduce nervousness and fatigue so you will get the most from your treatment.

Q:  How long will my appointment last?

A:  In order to allow time for a complete health history review, the new patient appointment lasts for 2 hours.  Follow up appointments are one hour long.

Q:  How many treatments will I need?

A:  Individuals vary greatly in how well they respond to acupuncture, which makes it impossible to predict the number of treatments in advance.  In general, we can say that the longer you have had a problem, the more treatments it will take to resolve the problem.  Of course, some problems are easier to treat than others.  Your response to the last treatment will be discussed at the beginning of each session and that will be what determines how many additional sessions will be needed.

Q:  Will it hurt?

A:  I specialize in the treatment of the needle sensitive and needle phobic.  Although I cannot guarantee that the treatment will not be uncomfortable or painful, I do everything in my power to minimize any discomfort.  If you can’t tolerate acupuncture treatment, let’s discuss what other options are available.