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OK, I admit that the name is a Chinese medicine joke. 

(The Tao symbol is that yin-yang symbol.) 

But in my interpretation, Taoism is very much about the power of one. 

- Is there any fee to join the Team Against Obesity?

- Should I be obese to join the Team Against Obesity? 

- Should I be overweight to join the Team Against Obesity? 

- Will I be required to do anything if I join the Team Against Obesity? 

There are no requirements.  This Team Against Obesity is about doing the small things that are in your power that can make such a difference, if you choose to do them.  They are listed as Steps in the menu at left.  It’s also about recognizing and supporting those small important actions.  It’s about moving your life in a healthier direction, by baby steps.  And it’s about celebrating each step along the way. 

I will invite you to share your goals with me and tell me when you achieve them.  I want to congratulate you and send you a small prize when you achieve your goals.

- Why should I care about those little prizes of yours?

It's true, I'm not wealthy.  I'm not offering expensive prizes.  I look for things that might help you in your goals of being healthier.  But even if you are not interested in the prizes I am offering, I encourage you to accept them.  Most people are very good at criticizing themselves and bad at recognizing their achievements.  Even if you don't want to use them, I encourage you to make a space for them, at least temporarily, so when you look at them you know that you can achieve your goals.

I will never share your email address or snail mail address with anyone for any reason.  It's easy for me to say this because I'm a health care practitioner and my web site is not a sales site.  I'm used to keeping information confidential (federal law requires it) and I am not trying to sell you anything (except maybe the idea that you can make a difference).

- Why be concerned about obesity?

One third of the population in the US is obese and the percentage is growing.  Perhaps most alarming is the rate of growth of obesity in children and teenagers.  Our children may be the first generation in the US to have shorter life spans than their parents.

- What if I am not obese?

You are still affected by all the factors that are causing the US population to become fatter every year.  Any action you take will improve your health and even small acts done consistently can have larger and larger effects over time.  And, yes, your behavior effects others.  Did you see the study that demonstrated that we are about as fat (or as skinny) as our friends are?

- What would I do if I joined the Team Against Obesity?

Only what you choose to do.  Many options are listed for you in the Steps at left.  These steps are designed to move your habits, especially your eating habits, in a healthier direction.  I won’t ask you to do anything that you are not capable of doing (I promise). 

There will also be opportunities to discuss how our behavior effects the world around us.  Getting healthy in a sustainable way!

You can think of this as a club, a support group, or a group of social activists.  You can join, drop out for a while, and rejoin later, if you like.  This is a problem that isn’t going away.  It will be there when you are ready to do something about it.  And so will the TAO!

If you are ready, go to Step One!