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Don’t groan like that!  It’s well documented that your body doesn’t differentiate well between hunger and thirst, so if you are drinking less water than you should, you are probably eating more food than you should.

How much water “should” you be drinking?  You have probably already heard that you should drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day.  That’s not a bad guideline.  If you are interested in some other views on that, click here.

What do I mean by “8 ounce glasses of water?”  I am actually referring to all fluids with one exception:  Caffeinated beverages (coffee, black tea, green tea, dark sodas, energy drinks, etc.)  If you want to know why, click here.

- If you don't like to drink water, click here.

- If you don’t have time to drink water, click here

- If you don’t like to go to the bathroom that often, click here.

It is well-known that people are more likely to keep a commitment that they make to another person than a commitment that they make only to themselves, so click on the success link below to tell me what your commitment is for this coming week.  (It will be our secret.) 

Do you want to increase your water to four glasses a day?  Or are you going for the full eight glasses?  Set a goal that you can succeed at.  Then in a week, click the link again and tell me how it went. 

I want to congratulate you on achieving your goal!  And when you achieve your goal, I will give you a 16 oz. stainless steel insulated mug to help you make it a habit!  (While my supplies last.)

- Your success is important for everyone.  Start to succeed here.

And, rest assured, your email address will not be shared with anyone, for any reason.

- Want to get maximum benefit from your water drinking?  Click here.

- Want to do more than drinking eight glasses of water a day?  Click here.

- To support a better planet while drinking your water, click here.