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Digestion begins in the mouth.  Chewing of food breaks it down into small pieces, but, equally important, it mixes it well with saliva.  What’s even more important, it slows your eating down. 

It takes about 20 to 30 minutes after the start of eating for your gut to release hormones that signal to your brain that you are full.  If you suck down your entire meal in 10 minutes, you will probably still feel hungry or unsatisfied.

So let’s be frank – our goal here is not just to lose weight.  You’ve probably done that several times in your life (and probably gained it right back). 

Our goal is to move you toward a healthier way of eating, without feeling hungry or deprived.  The vast majority of people lose weight (sometimes a lot of weight) when they eat in a healthier way because they are eating less without suffering.

- Want to know how and why the fast food restaurants encourage you not to chew?  Click here.

- Want to know why lack of chewing is causing our food to become more fatty and sugary?  Click here.

- Think 30 times is too much chewing?  Click here.

Do you want to chew each bite 15 times?  Chew each bite of dinner (or some other meal) 30 times?  Or are you going all the way – 30 times for every bite? 

Click here, to let me know what your goal is.  Then, one week from now, email me and let me know how you did.  I want to send you a lucky Chinese New Year postcard when you achieve your goal! 

This is the Year of the Ox, which is a good year to keep chewing in mind!  Oxen, like all cattle, are ruminants and spend a good deal of time chewing their food.  (You would too, if you were eating grass!)

And, as I said before, this is a vital task that we have taken on and I will not share your email address or snail mail address with anyone for any reason. 

- If you kept a food journal last week, click here to analyze it.

-If you haven’t kept a food journal yet, click here to start.

- If you want to understand the impact on the planet of not chewing your food, click here.