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Acupuncture can help in the withdrawal  phase of kicking the habit by reducing cravings and withdrawal reactions such as anxiety, irritability, insomnia or somnolence. 

Please be aware that acupuncture is not going to magically make all your cravings go away, but it may reduce them to a manageable level.  For some people even a small reduction in cravings can do a lot to empower them to quit.

Anytime you are abusing a substance or behavior you are throwing your life and your body out of balance.  When you stop abusing, your system may strongly swing back in the opposite direction.  For example, when people who have been abusing stimulants stop abusing, they may have trouble staying awake.  People who have been abusing depressants may have trouble getting to sleep.  And the stress of the withdrawal phase may disrupt sleep, appetite, digestion and other body systems.

In the withdrawal  phase it is important to have acupuncture frequently, even daily.  If you think you can’t afford this, you should go to acupuncturists like me who will work with you on alternative payment strategies like paying by the week instead of by the treatment.  If you have no money at all, you may be able to get acupuncture at the Central City Concern Recovery Center and the clinic at the Hillsboro Correctional Center.

Acupuncture can help with sleep and digestion problems and can be a great help in getting through the anxiety and irritability of the initial withdrawal phase, the length of which varies based on the substance abused and individual differences from two weeks to two months.