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After the initial withdrawal phase, acupuncture can be less frequent (usually no more than once a week) and is generally focused on specific problems.  Some people use acupuncture just for getting through the withdrawal phase and others find that acupuncture is a significant part of building a life without substance abuse.  It can be a major factor in making sure that you don't reabuse after going through the hard work of withdrawal.

Probably in the past you have dealt with stress by abusing substances or behaviors.  Now that you have decided to quit, you need to develop other ways of dealing with stress.  Since trying to kick a habit is a stressful process, you need to develop these alternative ways of dealing with stress right away!

The most common reason people give for going back to abusing once they are clean and sober is stress.  So developing ways to deal with the normal stresses of life and the additional stresses of repairing the damage that abuse has done to your life are critical. 

Acupuncture is very powerful for reducing the impact of stress on the body while you are changing habits and lifestyles.  It is also powerful for dealing with the residual sleep and digestion problems stemming from the abuse, and helping to control emotions (like anxiety, depression and anger) that are stirred up by the reconstruction process.