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What will it take to start doing aerobic exercise if you haven’t been doing it?  You may have loose clothing around the house that you can use for walking, running, dancing or whatever aerobic activity you prefer.  If not, I encourage you to buy your aerobic activity clothes from green companies.  

Gaiam has organic cotton clothing appropriate for aerobic exercise although they tend to focus on clothes for yoga and gentle activities like that (Tai Ji, Qi Gong, pilates, etc.). 

If you like cotton, please buy organic cotton.  Approximately 25% of all crop pesticides are used on the cotton crop so buying organic cotton instead of non-organic cotton will make a significant difference in the use of pesticides.  You can find the Gaiam web site by clicking here.

Patagonia has clothing for seriously active folks.  Their polyester clothing is made from soda bottles.  It’s true that clothing from soda bottles is not truly sustainable because soda bottles are made from petroleum and petroleum is not sustainable.  We will run out of petroleum in the not too distant future. 

But in the meantime, they are keeping a lot of soda bottles out of the landfill (and off the streets and out of the oceans).  You can find the Patagonia web site by clicking here.

And about those shoes …  Walking shoes, running shoes, and other sport shoes are made from petroleum and are not sustainable.  Because we are no longer walking or running on grass or dirt, sports shoes may be a necessity to keep our feet healthy. 

If you must buy sports shoes (and most of us must) be sure you turn them in to your local Nike store when you can no longer use them.  Nike donates them to a company that uses them to make sports surfaces like tracks and basketball courts.  At least that way they will be reused.  You can find out more about that by clicking here.